the gallery of Máté Koch's photographs

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This is a personal photo gallery. If you are looking for art photos you are at a wrong place. These are moments, memories from my life, most of them probably doesn't mean anything for you, especially if you don't know me. Look around, enjoy the pictures, share your opinion if you wish, but don't expect anything more than hobby photos here.

Most of the pictures here are taken with my Canon EOS T1i. Some photos are unmodified but usually I adjust the colors and the crop before publishing my pictures. I like playing around with the sharpness, the lights, the saturation and sometimes the result hardly resembles the original. In my opinion the RAW picture is just a source, which you can develop in any direction resulting totally different pictures. Therefore I always keep a copy of the originals and publish here one of the many possible outcomes.

I don't believe there are any rules in photography. Also, there aren't things you must never do. Photography is all about the person who takes the pictures, the feelings of this person and the way he or she sees the world.